Recipes in this section are cooked over a stove like a Normal Person who has a Normal Kitchen (i.e. non-vandweller).

fried rice

cook rice in advance, allow to cool thoroughly and set aside.

Mince meat (if any), flavor/marinate if desired.  Cook over high heat.  Set aside in bowl.
Repeat for vegetables/tofu.  Set in bowl above.

Add more oil to hot pan, cook rice 80% to desired amount of scorch.

Scramble two eggs.  Move rice away from center of pan, cook eggs.

Re-add previously-cooked ingredients and heat through.  

Just before taking off heat add a small amount of soy sauce and toss.


Burritos can be made from pretty much anything. I often use leftovers and oddball ingredients and call them “dumpsters” because everything gets thrown in.

I’m not much of a hot sauce guy but living in El Paso taught me to love Valentina salsa picante. When I have some handy I add sour cream.

flour tortillas
pretty much any food ingredient

Heat non-cheese ingredients.
Heat one side of tortilla.
Flip over and add cheese layer
add non-cheese ingredients

cook until warmed through

chicharrón burritos

burritos de chicharrón

Sounds weird, but these are great comfort food and the rinds are shelf-stable until rehydrated. My go-to Mexican picante sauce is Valentina original “yellow label”.

chicharrón (heavy cracklings, not light pigskins)

braise cracklings in a bit of water until hot and soft.
after ~15mins they will be done and water evaporated.

place in tortilla
add condiment of choice

roast beef and mushroom dumpster burritos

beef and mushroom These were made from canned roast beef, canned mushroom slices, and Mexican-blend cheese.


on the naan pan

based on this recipe and inspired by kaylee’s experiments.


192g flour
14g baking powder
2g salt
13g sugar

300g milk (or 280g water + 27g powdered milk)

1 egg
42g melted butter

Mix dry ingredients.
Make a hole and add in wet, mix.


  1. A. (first attempt). Didn’t have milk so I made buttermilk with Saco buttermilk mix. Used propane stove with a flame tamer and naan pan.

tortilla-bowl eggs

Based on this idea from Kaylee. One of the benefits is you can cook eggs and cheese and still have easy cleanup.

2 eggs

Place tortilla in pan and cook on LOW until egg starts to curdle.
Continue to cook until almost done.
Fold over tortilla omelette-style

mixing bowl 3 eggs was too much pancake style


  1. B. (first attempt). I got greedy and tried 3 eggs, which was too much volume for the bowl. Added leftover corned beef, cheese, and a few fried onions. I had heat on too high, resulting in burning. I made a command decision and added another tortilla over the egg mixture and flipped it over. Turning the burner down to low made 5 mins a good time for browning the other side. Lessons learned. This resulted in a “hamburger”-style rather than “omelette”. Will try again with 2 eggs for omelette style.


Update: experimenting with hot water and a slightly different recipe. Using a 7in tortilla press from a local mercado.

Based on yet another of kaylee’s experiments. I actually have a small rolling pin in the camper I have previously only used on sore muscles and cramps. I might invest in a mini roller or use a full can of beer or something for easier manuevering in the limited galley.

kneaded shaped cooked

v2.0 (double batch)

300g flour
57g lard, bacon fat, etc
4g salt
4g baking powder (optional)
215g hot water (~115F)

Mix dry, mix in fat.
Mix in water with minimal working.
Allow to rest for 0.5 hours
cut into two pieces (today and tomorrow)
bake on 400F pan


  1. 20240410 A. First run with 2.0 recipe is better, no so springy.
  2. A. (first attempt). Used white flour to reserve whole wheat for bread. Used bacon fat as the oil, melted. My rolling pin skills are rough and workspace is limited. Higher heat in the pan seemed to work better. These taste remarkably like tortillas; I imagine coming hot off the griddle covers a multitude of sins.
  3. A- (second attempt). Bought a tortilla press and tried it out. The dough pressed nice and thin but shrunk back very small after removal. I think the kneading is making the gluten too springy. Will try without so much kneading.
  4. A- (third attempt). Only worked enough to mix ingredients, I did not knead at all. Flavor good as always and no shrinking on removal, but the resulting tortillas are only ~5”. I might shim the press to make it squish them flatter. The press diameter is 7” so I’d like to get closer to that. 6” would be an improvement.1


curry zucchini

Version 1.0

wash veggies
cut off ends
cut into pieces
toss with a bit of oil
dose with curry powder



  • A - first try. Flavors are very good together.


cajun pasta

cajun pasta leftovers

Version 1.0

cook andouille sausage in crock
(2 hours on HI)

Cook pasta, drain.
Add pat of butter
season pasta with Old Bay or Zatarains
serve with sausage


cooked SOS

Based on this Kent Rollins video. ~1kWh (including toasting bread)


1lb ground beef
1/2 onion

71g butter
31g flour
2c milk (46g powdered milk + 460g water)

brown ground beef and onion, pour off fat

melt butter and add flour for a roux

add beef and onions back in, mix
stir in milk

simmer until desired thickness
season as desired
  • 20240423 - A - Sweet baby jebus this is one of my favorite comfort foods. Served over toast.


large egg

based on this article

29g water
4g vegetable oil
8g baking powder
  1. That’s what she said. Sorry, it was too easy.