cold front allows a return to SFE

Heavy rain was forecast in Los Alamos for the next few days (and lighter for the next week). Highs in the 60s. I needed to move (14d) so I could either scout a location within acceptable distance or chance going into Santa Fe. It’s a few degrees warmer down there (~2,000ft lower) but the cold front should make that manageable.

I chose the latter, because temps will be <80F for the next 10 days. Even if temps rise again afterwards I could have gotten some things taken care of.


I left after 8am under complete overcast. The bank was at 62% and accepted 0.25C (38A) from the alternator.

Before leaving I paid my credit card bill for August; the total monthly spend was $360.xx.

Smiths in Los Alamos

I topped off the tank (3.99/gal) and water (~10gal). Then to the grocery store proper to find some breakfast to eat on the drive to SFE. I ended up with cottage cheese since no breakfasty stuff was on clearance.

I spent $15.25, including a package of chicken thighs for $1.49/lb and some cooked/peeled shrimp for $4.99/lb. Will make some pasta with garlic butter and throw those in.

the drive

As I drove bank voltage came up so current started tapering. By the time I got to SFE the current had tapered to 0.14C (21A) and SoC was 83%.

planet fitness

Had a fantastic hot shower and flush toilet experience. :-) Downloaded as much media as I could while there.

Smiths in Santa Fe

The Smiths next to PF is the one with the fantastic cleaance deals. I spent $9.27 there, including these clearance items: sleeve of everything bagels for $0.95, a head of cauliflower for $0.99, and a half-pound of chicken pesto for $1. Non-clearance but on sale: 1lb chub of sausage for $2.49.

Mexican grocery

I hit a groceria for tortillas, yellow onions, potatoes (5lbs for $2.49) and eggs. Ended up spending $37.81 because I picked up two items on my wish list: a tortilla press ($14.79!) and a bag of Maseca masa ($4.84).

I like making tortillas but rolling them out has been problematic, space-wise. And I prefer corn tortillas but they don’t keep very long. So those two investments should help my tortilla situation.

off to a park

By the time I emerged from the groceria the sun was out and the bank was in float at ~100%. I headed to a park to do some cooking and hide out for the day.

I put the thighs, a potato, and about 1/3rd of the cauliflower in the IP with salt and curry poweder, and cooked at high pressure for 30mins. 230Wh. Luckily the sun stayed out until the IP was finished, then went to about 50% cloudy. It’s nice being out of the forest where the panels can do their work until the sun goes down.

While that was going I made a chicken pesto salad sammich for an early lunch. Looks like it will make 3 sandwiches plus a bit left over for snacking right off the spoon.

I have two more things to hit (laundry and walmart) but will do those tomorrow morning. Temps will drop even further by then so Muffin will be comfortable in the van. I changed out my bedding and collected stray laundry for tomorrow’s errands.


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