August according to google. Finished errands in town.

August, according to google


Yep, that looks right.

final trip to PF and Smith’s

I finished my errands in town. It was going to reach the mid/high 70s by the end of the week and I’d want to be emplaced in a boondocking spot before the weekend.

I used the facilities at PF, did my downloads, and filled my water bottle. I’d been meaning to take water from PF for a long time but hadn’t found the right bottle for it. I was at Goodwill and found a 2L hydrobottle which seems like a good size. If a person were stealth camping and hitting PF every day then 2L would stretch the water supply nicely.

I went to Smith’s to scope the clearance items. There were some refrigerated items I couldn’t take advantage of because my fridge is maxxed out. Clearance haul:

  • a tube of english muffins for $0.60
  • a very slightly bruised cantaloupe for $0.99 <– tasted magnificent, and only one tiny piece affected inside. Muffin at that part so no loss at all.
  • a tube of cinnamon brown sugar butter for $0.60. Figured it’d be good on the English Muffins and the one or two plain bagels in the variety tube from yesterday.

And green grapes on sale for $0.89/lb. My “buy it” price is $0.99/lb so I snapped up the smallest bag I saw.

the drive

The drive from PF to the NF land (see below) is a leisurely 20mins or so. There’s also a dog park along the way, but I passed it before seeing it. Muffin will get a treat on the next town visit.

When I left PF the bank was at 65% SoC, 13.18v. It accepted 23.5C (net ~36A) from the alt. Between the drive and the sun coming out around 10A the bank was ~100% and in Float by 1110.

National Forest land outside SFE

This is the generalarea I was camped in June. BLM and NF land abuts here so I should be able to jump back and forth until it gets cold. The NF land rules means 2-3 days need to be spent in town, and reprovisioning runs can take care of that.

It’s been raining (really raining) for a couple days so there is a bit of standing water and the land is soft. At one point on the dirt road in water was standing across the road.

When I picked out a site I put the drive wheels up on leveling blocks to keep from sinking a bit now or a lot later if it keeps raining. I set out the rain catchment so hopefully I can catch some and do some elective washing (dog, van, etc). I think there is only another day or two of rain then back to dry.

This kind of terrain is one of my favorites: low brush that provides privacy without blocking the sun. For those keeping track the other is desert pavement with saguaro all around. :-) It’ll be nice to have sun again. This spot has 11 hours (!!) of sun exposure, over twice the ~4.5 hours I was getting through the tree canopy recently.

next trip to town

I have a prescription from the VA coming in, and an Amazon order in the queue. I’ll try to time everything arriving in 14d so I can collect everything, get a shower at PF, and scope out more clearance items from Smith’s. :-)


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