Camping ovens are expensive; this series attempts to assess whether tiny “ovens” made from matched stainless steel dogbowls can be Good Enough. The bowls are stacked like this:

inverted large bowl w/lip (top of oven)
smaller bowl (cooking surface)
large bowl w/lip (bottom of oven)

Dogbowl oven page

The large bowls are clipped together where the lips join. The spacer holds the interior small bowl off the bottom, protecting it from direct heat.

dogbowl oven biscuits


Experiments, from best to worst:

  1. A. biscuits 20mins at 225F (lab hotplate), flip. 10 more minutes. 5/16th inch gap between bottom bowl and cooking pan.
  2. A. biscuits 20mins at 250F (propane stove), flip. 5 more minutes. 5/16th inch gap.
  3. C. All experiments over liquid fuel stove; too much intense heat.


  1. A- (first attempt). Layered nachos and cheese until medium dogbowl was full. Baked for ~15mins at indicated 225F. Would prefer a bit more toastiness, so next time will either increase to 250F or cook a bit longer.