rain, actually

delayed monsoon

Apparently a high pressure area has been shoving our monsoon weather down into Northern Mexico. It’s moving off and we are getting some precipitation. So far the <80F prediction is holding up here.

It’s been cloudless with black skies at night. On Muffin’s last walk before hitting the sack last night I saw a glow to the south. What the heck is that? Oh, it’s Alubuquerque’s lights reflecting off the cloud cover.

relo logistics

I have no idea how the precip will affect my ability to get out of this campsite. There is a known-escapable site much closer to the entrance but I think I will be ok in his hidey-hole. If there’s enough rain for catchment I’ll be able to stay in place until it dries out.

I figure by the time I can get out it might be cool enough to go down in elevation a bit. 7000-7500ft or so.

water logistics

The tarp catchment was already set up but I also got ready with the bucket setup.

10 days after relo I have

I’d really like to fill the near-empty aquatainer with rainwater and use newly caught rainwater for washing, cooking, etc. We’ll see how much we get.

solar harvest

  • 63% state of charge when I got up this morning
  • overcast forecast all day, so I made breakfast over propane for a change :-)
  • 12:30pm, only 13.45v, but up to 93% state of charge according to the BMS shunt.
  • 12:45pm, up to 99%, and NOW the sun comes out for a few minutes. Maxxed at 631w for a few seconds during that time then back down to normal overcast harvest
  • 1:05pm, finished Absorption, Floating

Sun peeking out occasionally so I’m going to make a rice disk in the IP. Should take about ~80Wh which hopefully I can replace this afternoon.

wiley coyote

Dog was losing her mind the other day. When I looked out there was a coyote walking the perimeter of the campsite. It slinked off but did not seem worried by us.

I set up the game camera to see if I could catch him and I finally got a picture of fauna bigger than a ground squirrel:


Hard to see because he’s at the edge of the infrared flash, but he’s coming in from the left side.


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