rain catchment fails

There has been a bit of rain and I’d been trying to catch some with my usual angled setup. I caught some, enough to water the dog for a day or two. But wind has been tough (18mph sustained today), ripping up the tarp, knocking buckets over etc.

It was cool enough today that dog and I could do some cardio before the sun started to set. I think it maxxed out at 73F today up here.

I wanted the daylight to assess if there was going to be much standing water that might affect my ability to get out of this maximally-distant campsite. Luckily there were only two places with standing water and neither were on on the exit path. A good sign.

flat tarp experiment

flat tarp center

While walking I decided the angled tarp catchment was catching too much wind and it was time to try a flat tarp.

I used a tarp grommet kit to punch/line a hole in the ~center of the tarp and hung it as flat as possible. I ran a cord through the center and around a stick on the top and a rock at the bottom. This should help weight the center a big and help feed water into the bucket below. Who knows. That’s what experiments are for, to find out.


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