wind, water, vanniversary


The wind has picked up mightily and was sustained 29mph yesterday. Today 15-25mph gusting t 40. Luckily it is forecast to be from the SSE for the next week so I can adjust to it.

I made a short relo to:

  • get away from upwind trees. The alligator junipers (?) here are lovely but the root systems are surprisingly shallow. See pic to right. There are downed trees in the area (probably from very wet periods) but none have come down in the winds so far.
  • align van to the wind. Either facing toward or away from the wind works so I picked away from. This allows the OTA antenna to pick up signals from SFE and ABQ.

I suspect this wind pattern (SSE from Mexico toward the Pacific NW) is related to the larger Hilary hurricane pattern.


I have 11gal of fresh and 5gal of harvested water left. I did get 2gal catchment one day but the predicted monsoon rains did not deliver. :-\

Theoretically some rain in the coming week but the crazy wind shredded my tarp. No huge loss, I picked out out of an abandoned pile in Flagstaff anyhow.

I won’t need to reprovision until around the 30th but might do it this week if I feel like it. Temps will be in the high 70s both times so an early-morning run would be no problem for doggo.


Just realized it when I looked at the date on the laptop.

I moved into the campervan on Aug 18th, 2018 and headed off to the job I transferred to in El Paso. I hadn’t planned on moving into the van FT until 2028 when I retired but everything fell into place ahead of schedule.

No regrets.


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