Instant Pot bread, moved to firmer ground

instant pot bread

Did a batch of no-knead bread in the instant pot. Used half as much power and flavor was good, but I prefer the crustiness of crockpot bread.

Cooked dinner and ate some of the bread with jam for dessert. Simple pleasures.


here comes the rain again

I am due to move mid-week right in the middle of three scheduled days of rain. My previous spot was safe when dry but quickly became a mudhole after the hail and subsequent rains.

From my daily cardio walks with Muffin I knew that the south side of the land has a gravelly, cindery road instead of dirt. I walked the gravel road after the precip and it was eaily passable, unlike the slick mud everywhere else – I fell making my way over on the muddy bits. The gravel road goes out to another firm gravel road and then to pavement.

I wanted a spot as close to the gravel road but most were longer pull-outs sized for the horse trailer crowd. Already rutted from last week’s rain. I found one spot with close access the very end of the gravel. There was always someone there until today when it was empty; I pounced. I put the Promaster’s drive wheels up on leveling blocks to ensure I can get out of the parking spot. From there it’s maybe 30ft to the gravel so I’m feeling pretty good about it. The way out is also unshaded by trees so it should get lots of drying sun.

I don’t know if I’ll leave during the forecasted rain or push it a few days longer to let it dry out. I have enough food and water to extend so I’m not worried about that. I am out of comfort food like chips and easy-to-make sandwich stuff.

I’m still counting on the historical data that shows this area gets about 1/3rd less rain than Flagstaff, and that last year’s monsoon in Flagstaff was unusually heavy.


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