planning next relo, sprouting wheat

May, according to Google


LOL, not really but I’ll accept it.

early monsoon and the next relo

The local weathercasters are saying this is monsoon-like precip a couple weeks early. Luckily so far it’s been light enough that dirt roads are passable after a couple days without rain.

Temps will be going up again to 76F on Thursday and slowly climbing for the forseeable future (79F next Thursday) so I’ll try to be >8,000ft by Thursday afternoon. It’s a balancing act between getting there early enough to get a spot early weekenders might claim vs leaving late enough for the roads to dry. I’ve already seen my first stuck vehicle:


No one was around or I would have helped.

The basic relo plan is:

  1. break camp early morning
  2. refuel and take on water
  3. Planet Fitness for shower and downloads
  4. Smith’s grocery for closeouts and sales
  5. walmart for bulk reprovisioning

sprouting wheat

I sprout in widemouth mason jars topped with sprouting lids.

  1. soak overnight
  2. rinsed a couple times a day and drain the runoff into Muffin’s waterbowl
  3. after ~2 days they had tails and were ready for use

The sprouts are mild, slightly grassy and slightly wheat. Soft enough to eat out-out-hand. I put them on my leftover pintos before I reheated them for lunch.


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