RTR goals, seminar video

There are many reasons I wanted to physically attend the RTR.  Let’s see if I can put them in order during my first cuppa coffee:

  1. put the campervan a real multi-day off-grid wringer

  2. see many other builds for ideas

  3. take first vacation in many years

  4. meet jimindenver from CRVL

  5. meet a few people from youtube:  Crystal Vanner  & Ausia.

  6. burn off vacation hours from work before I lose them

It’s all going very well.  The only thing that hasn’t worked out is meeting Ausia.  I walk over to her spot 1x/day to see if she is outside;  I am unwilling to intrude further.  Others who know her say it’s tough to catch her outside because of all the editing.  [update:  met Ausia and Moomoo]

Crystal was a delight, and I wish her Vanner Family well.

seminar video

Bob has ruffled a few feathers by disallowing video of seminars;  only he can video.  His event, but to me it seems like a d*ck move.  It will serve to alienate the YT folks that showed up (and who, in turn, probably attracted attendees).

more backhanded white knighting by Bob

In this morning’s announcements Bob mentioned the Women’s RTR, and said he’d been getting nasty feedback like “the women can’t do anything on their own.”  I have heard none of that, read none of that, and certainly have said none of that.

Even if some jerk did say that, what possible good could come from repeating it?

The female RTR attendees I’ve met are competent and fearless, my favorite combination in a human.  They are making their life happen the way they want.  They are equals and deserve the respect of being treated that way.  No need to White Knight, Bob.  Reminding people of negative stereotypes can lead to stereotype threat.