Escape from RTR

Yesterday I started getting antsy about being around that many people. In today’s announcements Bob said BLM conservatively estimates 3000 folks attended so far.

I stopped by the RV Pit Stop for some fresh water.  Got about 20gal for ~$3 in change;  pretty sure it dispenses way more than a gallon for each “gallon”.  After that splurged on a local BBQ sandwich ($9!).  Came with chips but that tells you what restaurant prices are like.  Dollar store canned goods are about the same, and expired/distressed food places are around for Supah Cheap.  Like a box of Kashi bars for 85c, progresso soups for $1, etc.

There is winter weather in the elevations nearby, so I will stay in Q for a few days.  My plan is to stay in each BLM 14 day area before starting an easy trip back to Texas.

Tonight, I am in Hi Jolly BLM camping area.  Went as far away as I could.  After about an hour 2 class As pulled up within 50’ of me.  At least they aren’t going to block my solar.  One of them went back-and-forth adjusting his parking for about 10mins.  Lordy.