Donor power fail: Yeti 150

I have a little power donation setup just inside the side entrance.  2x USB and a ciggy plug.  I figure folks with more advanced 12v outlets don’t need help.  :-)

Neighbor Cindy has a Yeti 150 that needed charging so I invited her to plug it in.  It shows it’s taking a charge but no real progress.    I suspect my 13.8v Vfloat isn’t high enough voltage after going over the top of the van and through all the connections.  The manual says it takes 8hrs charging from 12v, but I bet that is at 14.2v or so while the car is running.

My donor power board is putting something into the Yeti but I can’t tell how much.

first experience with Anderson Powerpoles

I bought enough powerpole stuff to install the power points in the van, but I don’t have the surfaces installed yet to mount them.  So I made a cheater cord plugged into the donor system and terminated it with the PP.

I cut the ciggy plug off the laptop adapter and terminated with PP;  yay, it works!  I figure I will run all my USB stuff off the laptop to leave the donor panel free.

hard boiled eggs the inertial way

In an effort to save propane I have been experimenting with intertial cooking:  bring your pot to temp, remove the heat, and let it “coast” until done.

Did some hardboiled eggs that way today.  Brought them to a boil and let sit for an hour.

pressure cooking

Tonight’s feast will be Aldi’s Jambalaya mix.  It calls for a 25min simmer but at 10lbs pressure I think I can do it in about 10. (3-4mins at pressure).