Found a new spot, Stan, off-leash dog

Got up at daybreak, took a sink bath, and looked for a new place to camp.  Found a spot that might work:  full solar exposure (no saguaros throwing shade!), level enough, etc.

Hit Vabs around 9:35a today;  currently putting 5.1A into the bank, charging laptop, etc.


I met Stan, who is Sasnak on YT.  Interesting and friendly fellow.  He’s putting 100w of solar on his custom sleeper 18w (today?) which I think will help get some Absorption into his bank.

Stan has some neat ideas for a YT series;  I won’t spoil it here.  I am subscriber #790 on his channel.  :-)


A white Lhasa (Tommy?) was bopping around off-leash.  Crapped beside the road and peed on a neighbor’s stuff.  “He never does that”, said the owner (entirely predictably) while walking up to fetch him.  Well, you never see him do that because he is off leash out of your sight.