Had to move from a secluded spot

[note:  I apologize for my grouchiness when I wrote this.   I went back and softened the most obnoxious part - frater/jason].

Apparently I was one road too far south.  I got a lovenote from the Rangers saying I was in day use only.

Went through the main area looking for a spot.  My special thanks to the folks who have roped/rocked/bucketed off massive spaces near the main camp so they can have wide spans between vehicles.  Area around the main camp is at a premium;  don’t be a [space-hog].

I ended up in Music camp, which gives me anxiety just thinking about it.  I have earplugs, antidepressants, and have parked away from others.  If that’s not sufficient I’ll figure something else out.

It’s raining and I’m going to take a nap.