RTR Day -2 Monday = arrival

I don’t think I’m camped the furthest from main camp but it could be a tie.  :-)  GPS says I’m a quarter mile out to the south.  There’s a deep wash out visible out behind my campsite which should be fun to watch tomorrow when it rains.

Did a load of bucket laundry this afternoon since I won’t be able to dry clothes tomorrow.  Everything dried in a couple hours except some heavy work socks I bought in the recent walmart outing.  Wearing new-but-unwashed clothing really freaks out my skin.  Manufacturing chemicals, maybe?

I’ve really enjoyed talking to people out here.  Only one unhinged person so far (he was way too excited to see Eric’s Nomadic Fanatic RV).

Spent some time talking to a delightful couple and their friendly ball-retrieving dogbeast.  Turns out they were Ladonna and Wayne of Wayne on the RoadTransientGoddess on CRVL.

Made a circuit around base camp and noticed 4 generators running in the area not too far from the NO GENERATORS sign.  I thought the noise area was for that.

More distressingly, when crossing a wash on the way to my back forty, I saw a spot that had been used for about a dozen human deposits, complete with toilet paper.  It predated the arrival of the RTR folks, so I took a timestamped photo (ewwwwww) in case rangers try to pin it on us.