backchannel: wrap your mind around this, bucko

from this thread:

I can't get my head around inverting from DC to AC then using a transformer to feed a device that is native DC to start with.

Luckily for both of us you don’t have to.

But in the spirit of transparency I’ll lay out my cost/benefit analysis:

  1. the tools came with an AC charger.

  2. I already had a small inverter

  3. the tools need a charging for about 1hr/week

  4. the inverter only runs as an opportunity load

  5. I have a surplus of solar power; bank was at 12.7v this morning and entered Absorption at 945a while charging my phones, running a laptop and a mifi.

  6. the DC-DC charger is $50

Buying new stuff to upgrade/replace adequately working stuff goes against my core principles; my current setup is Good Enough for me.

I’ll keep the $50 in my pocket.

And from the same thread:

Stick with good brand names: Morningstar, Xantrex, Samlex, Renogy. There are others too.

Hardware elitism, or at least assuming others have the same needs you do.  This is cheap RV living, folks.

Avoid cheap unpronounceable or generic no-names.
  1.  It’s fairly common to see generic versions released by the Chinese manufacturers who were hired to make the “name brand” originals.  Finding those is a huge money-saver, unless one is in a d*cksize war to collect the right logos for show & tell.

  2. Unpronounceable?  I assure you they are pronounceable to the Chinese people who made them.  That remark is xenophobic at best.