Day 4 afternoon = Maricopa, BLM boondocking

Stopped by Maricopa to meet Mike (minivanmotoman on crvl) at his winter digs.  Had fun looking at his stable of motorcycles and discussing his van build.  I really like the interior space of his minivan;  a cozy nest.  This is definitely a guy you want on your team during the zombie apocalypse – pretty sure he can make anything with anything.  :-)

On my way out I went through Phoenix, which is the first place in AZ that I really didn’t like.  Generic big city with superslab eating up everything.  Ugh.

Stopped to stretch at a rest area and saw they had a water spigot.  Hooked up the potable hose and put about 30gal in the 35gal tank.  Continued down the road, pulled off on some BLM land and pitched camp for the night.

Took the UV light out to see if I could find any scorpions in the immediate area.  None were out partying.  Too cold maybe?