Day 3, 6am = Tombstone and Benson

img_20180107_062308Got up early in Bisbee;  I needed to find a Walmart on the way to the RTR;  when I left the house at 0-dark-thirty that first night I’d swapped on some comfy crocs but forgot my real shoes.  D’oh!

Stopped by Tombstone at 6am.  There was no one there but some deer walking around so I could park wherever I wanted.  I bopped down main street to the OK Corral spot (closed at that time of morning).  Walked around a bit and noticed the nearby park’s bathrooms were open.   Small blessings for a vandweller!

Took the pic above and walked  up the boardwalk back to the van.  I heard another set of footsteps on the boards and squinted;  a youngish man with a black hoodie was coming my way and we would pass on the narrow walk in total darkness in an empty town.  I wondered how many times men had sized each other up right there so many years ago.

We did not shoot each other, but rather exchanged a “good morning”.

Walmart @ Benson

Readied my shopping list:  shoes, plumbing bits (a sink drain extender, smaller hose clamps), some S hooks.

img_20180107_135710While I was there I saw some 1/2” irrigation tubing.  May try to make my graywater dump line out of that.  The bulkhead is in my TO DO pile.

Re-did some of the plumbing connections and it seems to work.  Sink sprayer thing is way overpowered;  I might try to find a reducer.  Also have to fill the freshwater tank now that it is all watertight.

The sink now dumps directly into the 7gal graywater.  Didn’t have time to install the larger 10gal one.