Day 2, 2PM = Bisbee, AZ

What a beautiful place.img_20180106_145505

Ticks a lot of my boxes:  preserved architecture, walkable, clean, crunchy granola eyecandy, lovely weather.

Upon entering the Old Bisbee area I saw a small lot marked 24 HOUR PARKING, maybe a dozen spots.  One was open so I backed into it and went on foot looking around the town.  It was in the low 70s and 15% humidity on the hygrometer when I returned.

I had some gelato served up by the most hipstery guy I’ve ever seen.  House specialty vanilla and creme brulee.  Both were decent but not memorable.

At sundown I climbed into the van, closed the curtains and turned in.  Woke up the next morning and there was an ambulance dweller, a vw bus dweller, and a cardweller in the parking lot with me.  :-)  I noticed the city had also thoughtfully put several large trash cans right there in the lot.  Seems to me like the city was welcoming of vandwellers without explicitly saying so.  Don’t want to upset those boutique hotels, ya know.

Really was nearly perfect.  The only downside were a few Harley jerks brapping their engines needlessly in the deep night.