Bob on the 14-day limit @ Ehrenburg

from this thread:

It was to be expected, the BLM is very tuned into us because of the huge turnout at the RTR. We are on their radar and always be from now on.


In effect:  “The 14-day enforcement wasn’t due to me talking about the lack of enforcement on youtube.  It was caused by me indiscriminately inviting the planet to the RTR on youtube ."

It would help if you went to this video I made of a BLM Ranger answering questions at the RTR: [](

It would help what?

Go to the 1:33 mark and he tells us that there is no enforcement at the Tom Wells Road area, which is Ehrenberg. No enforcement at Ehrenberg is not something I made up and lied about--it was at least "unofficial" policy of the BLM. He also tells us where we can go to after our 14 days is up.

??? I didn’t hear anyone say you lied about it;  lots of people said YT celebrities, you being the most prominent, effectively outed it.

It’s OK to make mistakes.  It’s not OK to avoid one’s role in them;  that makes it more likely it will happen again in the future.