article: solar powered homeless camps

from this article:

Sam Clune has hooked up donated solar panels at three homeless camps, starting with one along Shellmound Street just north of the Emeryville border at the edge of Aquatic Park where he has lived with his dog, Trouble, since his last forced move. That happened on Nov. 4, when BART evicted him and his mates from the “HERE/THERE” camp alongside the BART tracks on Adeline Street about a half-mile south of the Ashby station. Next, Clune hooked up solar panels at two other camps newly established by erstwhile HERE/THERE residents in the aftermath of the Nov. 4 eviction: the “First They Came For The Homeless” camp in front of Old City Hall; and the relocated, smaller HERE/THERE camp a few dozen feet north of the old one.

First they came from the homeless…  that’ll get your attention.