Biting the hand that feeds

from this post in this thread:

By "high visibility fokes" I assume you are talking about the BLM Ranger who said that there was no enforcement at Ehernburg last year which was true

I mean all the “youtube famous” folks that did it. I wasn’t keeping a tally, but I cringed every time I heard it.

In bureaucracies individual workers like the rangers can exercise some amount of discretion and let stuff slide for the greater good UNTIL someone up the chain of command finds out. Then shit rolls downhill.

Every time I heard people say there was no enforcement in Ehrenburg I knew some ranger would get screwed, and thereafter vandwellers who wanted to bend the rules would get screwed. Youtube personalities outed the hand that fed it scraps under the table.  Totally predictable, as was the outcome.

This is how the Rangers give us a heads up of the renewed enforcement of the 14 day rule.  At least it's a heads up.  They could have just doccumented 14 days then ticked everybody.

They wouldn’t have ticketed me because I follow the rules.   Won’t make a lick of difference to me.

And from this post:

Am I the only one who finds it shameful that folks are blaming this on Bob Wells on his own web site?

I hope so.  Hero worship helps no one.  Bootlicking is shameful.

I like Bob.  I respect Bob.  I often disagree with Bob.  It’s his channel and his forum and he can do what he likes with it.  That doesn’t mean some of his actions won’t result in negative outcomes.

He is not a messiah.

Who knows why the BLM is enforcing their own rules now?

Doesn’t matter.  Follow the rules and it won’t be an issue.

But in any case, I think that Bob is probably the last person that I would blame.  From what I've seen he's done more to help the folks that frequent this site than any of the folks now blaming him.    Shameful..

You do understand that someone can be helpful and still screw up, right?  Being a good person does not mean one is immune from error and misjudgement.

Worshiping a leader and thinking they are the last person one should blame is what’s shameful.  It’s a forum, not a cult.