removing the bulkhead

I removed the bulkhead


Tools used:

  • 5mm hex head for the bolts around the periphery

  • 40mm torx for the D-ring bolts.  Reinstall this after bulkhead is removed. Note:  some other sources indicated this was 30mm.  Possible change between model years?

  • 13mm socket for one bolt in the bottom center

  • vice grips to remove two security bolt thingies.  They unscrew like the other bolts but there is no place to use a normal tool on them.  I recommend removing these first;  if you do them after the bolts are removed the bulkhead will be pushing away, putting more tension on the security fasteners.

I ordered a few basics:

  • WeatherTech window vents (80749) - I love these things and put them on every vehicle I get.  80749 says it’s only for 2014 PM but the windows haven’t changed.  If these aren’t the right ones I will update this entry.

  • Maxxair MaxxFan (7000K) - $200+ for a fan seems like a lot but I get enormous pleasure from fans.  There’s a fan blowing directly on me at this exact moment…. My favorite time in Texas is the two weeks in spring and two weeks in fall when you can open the house and let the attic fan rip fresh air through all the spaces…. bliss.  I got this item from etrailer.  The price was identical but there was no sales tax from etrailer, saving about $14.

  • BedRug Vantred cargo deck liner (VTDP14L) - Notched underneath to match floor ribs.  Closed cell polypropylene foam and plastic (pretty good pics here).  They have a version that is thicker and covered with speaker carpet but I am too messy for that.  And want to preserve headroom.  The poly foam is mildly insulative but I wasn’t going to insulate the floor anyhow.

Starting to think about wiring.