Promaster van: pulled the trigger

[reworked based on my forum post]

I bought a  used 2017 159” (gas) on May  31st. :-)

I got it from Central Autohaus, a small shop in Richardson/Dallas that buys nearly-new, low mileage vehicles at auction and resells them at an aggressive price. Wonderful staff with Old World manners and graciousness. I like them a great deal and I really (truly) despise car salesmen. These were more like concierges through the process; zero pressure.

They had more PMs on their lot than any Ram dealership I’ve seen so far. And they knew more about the PM than the Ram dealers who usually denied the existence of such a van. At Ram dealers I had to take salescritters to the window, point at the PM on their lot and say “THERE, that big white thing. That is a Promaster van. You sell them.” Ohhhhhhhhhh, yeah.

Anyhow, this particular PM was owned by Enterprise rentals in SC for about 6 months, racked up 12k miles and sold at auction. Clear carfax/autocheck, independent mechanic said “no issues”, runs and drives perfectly. Looks great underneath and in the engine bay.