used GC2 fail, more gear on the way

Took a chance on a pair of used Duracell GC2 6v batteries off craigslist.  I don’t have cores so I figured even if they were totally hosed I could use them as cores.

They are totally hosed.

In retrospect I would have been better served to bring a multimeter.  But I was in the mood for a day trip in the van, and I met an interesting guy.  I told him about the CRVL forums and hope he joins in.

Oh well, now I have cores.

![41ja5xov2byl-_sx90]( gear for the van

In preparation for these batts (or whichever FLA I end up with) I bought this battery waterer.  It stops filling when the cell is full, which should be great for maintaining deep cycle banks in a cabinet where you cannot see easily.

Next up is a rearview mirror adapter.  This is a chain of requirements:

  1. I need a backup camera.  ![411jah7lugl-_sy90](

  2. there are backup cams integrated into rearview mirrors, clamping onto them discreetly.  That would be great but…

  3. I don’t have a rearview mirror since the PM came with a partition that blocked rearward vision anyway

  4. and I get install one because there is a squirrelly mirror mount I have never seen in my life.

  5. so I am getting an adapter.  Sheesh!


![41fumfcbt5l-_sy90]( the PM is so big in all directions and since I am running redundant wiring for opportunity loads, I bought a 25’ fish tape.    I figure I can use it here then maybe donate it to one of the folks like Jamie at the RTR who help people with their vans all the time.

Ryobi seems to be the forum favorite for DIYer/dweller value.  I have corded tools like skilsaw and jigsaw but no real cordless drill.![51q8v6wufbl-_sy90](

As I read it seemed more like a cordless drill and an impact driver are both needed so I picked up a refurb set off Amazon.  If that doesn’t work out I’ll return them for the new version.


The opportunity loads mentioned above will be:  ![41vevqwj0ql-_sy90](

  1. large (laptop charging, water heating as discussed here, etc)

  2. triggered off the small DIY converter which can’t carry that much

  3. hence a big solenoid

I will talk more about hot water later.


I’ve spent this month’s budget of van gear.  Wiring is next but I still have planning to do on that anyhow.