Visited a tiny RV/MH park


I was looking on Craigslist for some driveway space for a self-contained DIY class B:

  1. with 15A hookup.  I’d run a heavy cord to their outlet.  I designed my DIY converter to run off 15A on purpose so I could use informal hookups.

  2. where I can come and go at all hours.  My work schedule is highly variable during our current governor-induced staffing crisis.

  3. ability to fill tanks from a hose sometimes would be nice but not critical

I’d really only need the driveway in the summer to run portable AC, otherwise I can stealth camp and get by on solar.

the park

No hits on that yet, but I did find a craptastic little trailer/RV park very close to work.  It has a certain grungy charm and the inhabitants seemed nice.  It’s gotta be cheap though I didn’t stop in at the office.

what if?

My daily commute is 100mi round trip to my family’s land outside of town.  Stealth camping and then RV park dwelling in the summer would reduce miles driven by 1,920mi/month and about $150 in fuel.  And I would be nearer the ethnic food markets I love.  And I’d get about 40 hours more free time each month.

-150 gas -575 current rent +300 assumed RV park rent =$425 savings/month, which is within $10 of my van note. Plus 8 hours more time per week. That’s like a three day weekend every week…

For months I stealth camp that would be $300/mo going into savings or van upgrades.

If I were to do such a thing, it would be smart to stay here until it cools down in fall then stealth until summer 2018.