Gear: sink and plastic drawers

Found a couple things on my hit list at the local Habit for Humanity ReStores thrift shop.

I’d started planning out the galley layout and figured I wanted a max 16” sink.  About a week later I came across this 15”x15” unit at ReStores.  It was marked $19.97 but plumbing and related items were 1/3rd off.  Final price $13.31.



I will remove the Price-Fister faucet and replace it with something simple like a spray nozzle that only works when you hold the button.  Like the one on the right although I’d prefer black.  The galley will be near the side sliding door, so a long enough house would allow one to pull the sprayer out to rinse something (or someone) off outdoors.

Digression:  Non-potable water from the fresh water tank will be warm-only to simplify plumbing.  I’ll make another post about this later.

And now the requisite plastic drawer.  This item was marked a firm $14.97 (“NO DISCOUNT”) but felt sturdy compared to others I’ve played with at Target and elsewhere.  Some in-store googling revealed the Iris Mini Chest was at least half off so I snagged it.


The rollers pull out but I will leave them on for now to make moving around easier.