Promaster insurance: 1500 vs 2500

[Backstory:  the Promaster’s cargo floor comes in 10’ and 12’ lengths.¹  The 10’ length is available in the lowest-run 1500 but to get the 12’ you have to get a 2500 or higher.  I was concerned that although all the Promasters are under the magic 10,000lb GVWR number the underwriters would want to call the 2500 (or both) Commercial.]

I asked my current auto insurance agent to run insurance quotes by VIN on vans that were identical other than wheelbase, and nomenclature:

  • 2016 136” WB 1500  - $1,204/yr.

  • 2016 159” WB 2500 -  $1260/yr.

The quotes she provided were for full coverage w/$500 deductible.  The difference in cost of insuring them is negligible, and appears to be a function of the slightly higher price of the 159” rather than any new risk factors.  This means the 159” is not ruled out based on insurance cost.

I am currently planning on the 136” platform, reasoning it would be easier to relax interior dimensions if a 159” dropped into my lap but not vice versa.

¹ They also come in 8’ and 14.something’ lengths but those don’t interest me.