got inside a Nissan NV2500

58e0d10d10a1311f591a8548I was pretty sure I didn’t want an NV unless I got a screaming deal on it, but did want to give it a fair shake before dismissing it.

In person this thing seems wrong, really wrong for a camper platform.  The truck snout is massive and doesn’t seem related to the rest of the vehicle.  The cockpit feels needlessly overbuilt, ill-suited for conversion.  When I got in the driver’s seat I was struck by how giant and trucky it felt.  By comparison, the Transit felt like a friendly minivan and the Promaster felt like a utilitarian shuttlebus.  Both of them felt like great candidates for conversion.

Then I stepped into the cargo area and it felt… restricting.  I’m not claustrophobic, but if I were claustrophobic the living area of the NV would probably trigger something.  Was this an optical illusion?  Was I so disappointed by the exterior and cockpit that was imagining how tight the cargo area was?

When I got home I started an NV page on the wiki, and updated the Eurovan page with the following data.  Turns out I was not imagining the cramped space in the NV:

cargo/living area comparison

Model Height[1)]( Length Width at belt line Width between wheelwells Cargo volume
**NV** 75“ 120” 70.2“ 54” 323.1'[2)](
**Promaster** 76“ 123”[3)](, 144“[4)](, 160”[5)]( **74“** **56”** 406'[6)](, 459'[7)](, 529.7'[8)](
**Sprinter** 77.8“[9)]( 128.5”[10)](, 169.3[11)](, **185.3“**[12)]( 70.1”[13)]( 53.1“ 371'[14)](, **494'**[15)](, **547'**[16)](
**Transit** 72”[17)](, **81.5“**[18)]( 125”[19)](, 141“[20)](, 171”[21)]( 70.2[22)]( 54.8“[23)]( 317.3'[24)](, 363.9'[25)](, 411.4'[26)](, 496.0'[27)](