mock-up progress


We are looking toward the rear of the vehicle from roughly the passenger seat area (50# shelter dog for scale).

Recent modifications on the mockup:

  • extended width 6’, just under Promaster width of 6’2”.  So now the space is 10’ x 6’ to match the size of the Promaster cargo deck.

  • found a steel trellis thing in the garage that’s almost exactly the size of the bed platform  In the pic it is sitting on nearby windowsills (and a stick) at 27” off the deck.  This is taller than a normal bed but I always preferred taller sleeping platforms and it will also yield more storage underneath.  When I go on the road I will cut down my current foam mattress to fit the bed platform.

  • mounted a piece of OSB on the driver’s side wall just behind the seat for laying out the electrical stuff.  The battery will go where the battery cover is now.  For mock-up purposes I’m using a spare marine battery.

  • The taped X where the dog is standing is room I left for the step-in, but I don’t think there really is one.  This will make the galley area with water tank(s) easier to design.

It makes me giggly every time I see it.

The space really feels right.  If I run across a great deal on 159” wheelbase model with the 12’ deck I’d take it, but I think the 136” with the 10’ deck will be just fine.