extended absorption followup / random pics

I last watered the batteries on Sept 18th and noticed no appreciable increase in water consumption.  I watered the batts again yesterday, and after six weeks water consumption was normal once again.  And this is after being in full sun in the interim.

I am ready to recommend the eternal absorption approach a success for people who:

  1. are running lead-chemistry batteries

  2. are deep-cycling those batteries

  3. using a temp probe to adjust charging voltage

random pics

I was trying to be discreet so it’s a weird angle.  This pickup was parked behind a telco in Roseville, and appears to have one of those red phone/power line balls in the back seat.

I like old bridges, so went out of my way to cross this one.  The ice-related sign made no sense until I made it across and read the historical info.  It used to be the footbridge to the world’s largest artificial ice plant (ie, refrigeration-made, not cut from naturally-forming ice).  When the plant was dismantled in the 1970s (?) the bridge was moved by the city of Roseville to preserve it.

Turkeys in a residential area in Rocklin, IIRCt.

A monument on the BLM where I was camped out Carson City.  I don’t know if it’s a claim marker, a headstone, or what.  I think it said SIDECER when I saw it in person.  Hard to make out in the pic.