downtown Roseville, CA

Roseville is one town over from Rocklin, and is indistinguishable to this outsider except for the civic branding. 

I’m at the Monk’s Celler on the downtown having some duckfat-fried french fries (epic for $4), a farmhouse ale / saison (ok for a $4 snifter (happy hour) , but short on that gamey livestock character farmhouse yeasts are famous for.   


My 2nd/last beer is their hefeweizen.  The menu refers to “clove and banana flavors”, although those tend to be different ends of the fermenting spectrum;  warm fermentation in the 70s tends toward banana and cooler fermentation in the lower 60s brings out the clove.  They weizen fermenting yeast is responsible for this behavior; the bottling/kegging yeast you see in suspension or flocculation is typically a different strain. It makes harvesting the fermentation yeast impossible even if you get a good viable slurry – it just isn’t there. 

This one is clovey and so was fermented on the cooler side.  This is what brewers are used to, but I think the hefeweizen would benefit from warmer temps.  Farmhouse tends to like very high temps in the 80s to let that sweaty horse note out. It would also result in faster fermentations and quicker turnaround (mo’ money for the brewer).


The wifi is fast and I pulled down some shows off Amazon Prime in that data saver mode.  It looks fine for my purposes and is easier on the wifi commons. 

There is a lounge nearby with the sign I am trying to include in the right – this is your reminder that he new wordpress editor (Goat Blower 3000) is a real piece of work and works against the writer at every step.  Fire somebody already.  

Anyhow, I like old signs like that and am glad people keep it around. If I were a local I’d wet my whistle there just because of the signs.  But they don’t have a dog-friendly patio or their own brewing equipment so I spent my limited entertainment funds at the Cellar.  


We walked a couple miles today. I’m taking it easy and watching for symptoms. Some muscle tightness discomfort but I stretch from time to time. Still have numbness in the left foot, mainly on the toes but to the ball of the foot sometimes.