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HIC Harold Import Co. Heat Diffuser Reducer Flame Guard Simmer Plate, Stainless Steel
I use this thing multiple times a day:

  • as a flame tamer (duh)
  • as a trivet for hot stuff
  • atop the propane stove as a heat diffuser in cold temps

Stanley 6-cup camping percolator.

spigot for buckets . This was originally intended for “racking” (transferring) homebrewed beer, but this spigot and a bit of vinyl hose has revolutionized water handling for me. I can dump water into the spigoted bucket and let it transfer into the freshwater taank while I return for more The “dead space” below the spigot catches any sediment.

A router speed control to reduce wattage on an electric hotplate. details


this headlamp is my favorite. Cheap, good battery, also has red LEDs to preserve night vision.



mechanical keyboard

Tecware Phantom mechanical keyboard, RGB led, Outemu Brown Switch. Mechanical KBs are amazing for people who spend a lot of time at the keyboard. You can pick the keypressure (in grams), linear vs. progressive, silent/clicky, whatever.


Motorola Moto Edge 2022, NOS $140 off Amazon.

mini keyboard

mini wireless keyboard. I use this as a remote for the Myth-based DVR, and for setting up various Pi devices.


Fleece watch caps. So many watch caps. These are the sole exception to my “no duplicates” rule. I pick them up for 99c at thrift stores and then keep one in each pack, next to the bed, in the pocket of jackets, etc. Fundamental to regulating body temperature in cool/cold temps. Longer ones that require folding up are also useful as “sleep masks” when sleeping: fold the extra back down over your eyes.

fingerless mittens. If you’ve ever wondered why homeless folk wear cutoff gloves it’s because they are warm but still allow full tacticle feedback. Recommended! Be like Bob Cratchett!

Columbia bora bora boonie hat Desert sun is brutal.

This hat has good coverage, is well-ventilated, and stuffs easily into a daypack when not in use. They are a bit spendy but I found mine at a thrift store for a few bucks. Ran it through the washer and it was good as new.