I don’t really travel

When talking to Normal People it is easiest to describe my nomadic lifestyle as traveling, although I don’t think it’s really accurate. Travelers, to my mind, are people who see travel as a goal unto itself. To me travel is a tool to

  1. get to the next boondocking spot
  2. and see some stuff I want to see if it’s nearby or on the way

I’m not racing around the country trying to clock all the National Parks1 or anything like that.

Why I want to stay mobile

First of all, to stay in mild weather.

I love land, I really do.  But land exists in a particular place with specific laws, and they tax and try to control the use of your property. If you don’t pay annual fealty they will steal your land and sell it.

IMO the best way to reject this is to own as little as possible,  and take your property with you.  This is one aspect of what I call personal secession.

1 exception: Yellowstone is on my bucketlist