When I moved into the campervan in 2018 I sold my Honda NC700x and hitch carrier, and gave away the riding gear and Chinese 50cc and 150cc scooters. I plan on getting something simple and light to carry on the reciever hitch.

present use case

  • bopping down forest roads and the like, scouting boondocking spots
  • low speed pleasure riding. No desire to treat it like a dirtbike.
  • milk runs to the nearest town


  • light weight, small engine
  • EFI preferred, as I will be everywhere from 0ft ASL to 11,000ft ASL. I suppose I could carry a couple carbs set up for lower and higher altitudes
  • ability to hold 55mph for short jaunts
  • electric start and kickstart preferred
  • prefer biggers wheels (>12”) to handle dirt roads and rough streets
  • non-origami riding position for 34” inseam
  • non-spoked wheels preferred
  • ~32” seat height preferred
  • sidestand and centerstand preferred
  • rear disc preferred for ease of maintenance

Scooters would have an advantage in grocery-getting and lower CoG for loading up the carrier ramp. Bikes would have the advantage of another contact point (knees on tank) and potentially bigger wheels.


In the real world I have limited resources and want something very light. From what I want most to least:

Make Model Seat Height Weight fueling Wheels MPH Transmission starter MSRP Notes
Honda CT125 31.5” 259lbs EFI 17” spoked 53mph 4spd semi-auto electric + kick $3,899 Don’t need ABS
Lifan kpm200 30.7”” 333lbs EFI 17” 75mph 6spd manual electric $2,999  
Lance (SYM) Cabo 200i 31” 240lbs EFI 12” 65mph CVT electric $2,999 loved it in person
Yamaha Zuma 125 30.7” 282lbs EFI 12” 60mph CVT electric + kick $3,699 Favorite scooter in person. Parts cheaper than Lance!
RPS Hawk 250dlx 34” 278lbs EFI 21/18 spoked 68mph 5spd manual electric + kick $1,999  
Lifan X-Pect 32.7” 286lbs EFI 19/17 spoked 63mph 5spd manual electric + kick $2,299  
Kymco K-Pipe 125 31” 264lbs carb 17” 50mph 4spd semi-auto + clutch electric + kick $2,249 minimal goodness, but underpowered even in this segment
RPS Hawk 250 34” 278lbs carb 21/18 spoked 60mph 5spd manual electric + kick $1,477  
Genuine Hooligan 170i 30.75” 278lbs EFI 12” 65mph CVT electric $3,399 niotes
Suzuki DR200 31.9” 249lbs carb 17/18” spoked 60mph 5spd manual electric $4,199 weird ergos
Kawasaki Z125 31.7” 225lbs EFI 12” wheels 58mph 4spd manual starter $3,399 fits me better than the Grom in person
Honda Grom 30” 231lbs EFI 12” 58mph 4spd electric $3,499 knee interference in person
SSR Razkull 29.5” 225lbs carb 12” mph 4spd manual electric + kick $1,999 seat too low

The most practical for my budget and uses would probably be the Hawk 250DLX or Lance Cabo. Maybe a K-Pipe with a 138cc jug. Or a used Zuma with a slightly-oversized jug.