errands, dashcam screencaps

I made another run into Santa Fe to pick up General Delivery and an amazon locker package and do some other errands.

I normally don’t look at dashcam footage but I had reason to after this trip. So there will be some screenshots below.

Planet Fitness

Warm (not hot) shower and updated 20+ apps on the phone. Downloaded podcasts. Harested a gallon of water from the refill station.


Walked next door to Smith’s to see what clearance deals I could fine. They had some cookies for $1.22 and a pkg of 3lbs of ground beef for $3.24/lb. The vegetable clearance rack has been moved or removed. :-(

Downloaded a bit more on their wifi.

This is a pic from the rearview cam. I had pulled through so the stripe is behind me and the car that pulled up later was visible. I could point the cam up more so it looks backwards, but my main concern is backing up with no rear visibility. The cam is tipped down so the bumper is just out of view (at the top of the screen). So if the objects behind me are still fully visible I am in no danger of hitting them.

general delivery

My vehicle registration renewal sticker was sent directly to the PO so I went to pick it up. The pickup was easy but parking a PITA because there is infamously very little free parking anywhere nearby. Cost me $0.70 for a 15min run to the PO.


The nearby library branch has decent wifi out into the parking lot, so I did the rest of my updating/downloading there. The Amazon locker package was out for delivery so I had time to kill anyhow.

Started the downloads and took Muffin for a walk. On our way back I realized we had parked perilously close to some elk poop. The things you have to watch out for in Santa Fe….. When reviewing the dashcam footage later I saw this pic of the scat pile.

Took a nap while the d/l’s finished. Within a few minutes of their completion the Amazon pkg was ready for pickup.

amazon pickup

  • 2-pack of microSD cards, recommended for good performance on Pi4. At some point I will move the mythbox’s data from the existing generic sd to these higher-speed ones. $12.49 for two fast 64GB microSD feels like cheating.
  • dog nail clippers for Muffin’s toesies. Also got here some mini-marshmallows as a treat after each paw. She doesn’t like it but the clippers work well.
  • hydraulic crimpers I’ve been putting this off long enough. I’ll get to use these (and the ferrule crimpers on the upcoming solar panel port project

BTW, the refund for the returned locked Moto Edge came through. The existing request was set to refund to the CC but when the rep manually pushed it through it changed to Amazon credit. Grrrr…..

return to camp, and why the dashcam footage was reviewed

I came back to camp and pulled back onto the leveling pads. Then I noticed that my Rubbermaid step stool was

  1. moved, and
  2. a little crushed


There were new tire tracks going through my camp that lead back to where a rando in a crossover parked (too close) last night. Apparently he left after I did and drove through my camp; the fresh tire tracks lead from his parking spot right through my camp. The way the step stool legs are crushed down evenly I think it got stuck under his front bumper. In the pic there’s a long rub mark on the top in his direction of travel.

The scenario: I am camped in a little turnaround and I moved out some items out (including a poop bucket) to show the site was occupied while I was gone. The bucket is visible before turning into the site so he could see the site was occupied. .

But instead of driving off straight, backing out the way he came, or doing a u-turn onto the dirt road our hero used my campsite as a roundabout. And drove over my stepstool.

leaving overview the crusher


  1. me leaving. Stool intact on left side. Orange bucket moved out on right side to show the campsite was occupied. He could see the bucket before turning in.
  2. heading out of the loop. Bucket on left side and position of car on right side. The car’s white paint is barely visible here.
  3. shot of the car that would drive through camp and crush my stool while I was gone.

bonus dashcam shots

I wouldn’t normally mention these but I ran across them in the dashcam footage. These are from my return to the campsite.

wrong azimuth block that gate


  1. dude in a ratty car setup with ~200w of foldable panel facing north, almost vertically. Laid flat they would be making ~1,309Wh/day. Positioned as they are PVwatts estimates he’s getting ~486Wh/day. Unforced error.
  2. dude in a ratty Class A completely blocking the gate leading to the field behind him. The dark vertical shape to the right of his RV is the nearest wooden post for the gate.