moto edge 2022 + H2O wireless

moto edge 2022

I mentioned earlier how I accidentally bought a locked phone, a Moto Edge 2022. Amazon’s recommendation was flawed but I failed to catch it. Then I couldn’t find it again for <$200.

H2O wireless

My H2O wireless (AT&T MVNO) SIM came in and I popped it in. I had to reset the network before it took the new config. I think this will work fine.

expires replenish

While I knew I wanted AT&T as a backup service, I was a little skeered about paying for a year upfront to get the $100/yr deal. When I activated the line I saw “last day of service” was 4 weeks away. Oh, crap. Is this going to be an automation trainwreck like Red Pocket?

I did some FAQ searching, googling, etc, and when I came back to my account page it now said that date next month was the replenishment date (for the data bucket). Bullet dodged.

I tried the AT&T unlockup app and it failed:

3: failed to generate attestation requeat (error code #1114112 -  

Nothing usable from DDG or Google about those errors.

what to do about the locked phone

So I doublechecked how much time I have to find an unlocked variant and replace this one:

Return items: Eligible through July 1, 2024 


I searched again and there it is straight from Motorola for $140.1 Booyah. Ordered it and it should be at the locker on the 25th. The other pkg is due on the 23rd so if the schedule holds (hah!) I’ll let the first locker sit and pick them up together on the 25th.

[Update: of course the first one came early and the 2nd one is delayed so I have to make two trips.]

My plan is to use the locked phone until the unlocked replacement is in my hands:

  1. do a phone-to-phone transfer in the parking lot of the library (while dl’ing stuff)
  2. start updating the phone on the library wifi
  3. and walk to the amazon locker to return the locked one
  1. only the mineral gray one was $140, because it’s the lowest-spec: 6GB RAM and 128GB storage. The other colors are 8GB RAM and either 256GB or 512GB of storage. I don’t need that.