relo to SFE

amazon wrong (again)

So the lagging package showed up 2 days earlier, which means I could have done it all in one trip. Grrrr.

short layover in town

I started downloading/updating stuff at the library then walked over to the Amazon locker to grab the unlocked Moto Edge. This one came directly from Motorola in a sealed box.

  1. tossed in my TMO SIM to verify the phone is unlocked (it is)
  2. cloned the locked phone setup to the unlocked one
  3. finished update (5!) and app installs from libary wifi
  4. went online to request a return of hte locked phone

The last step hit a wall, as I was not offered a locker pickup or UPS dropoff. I called Amazon (painless once I actually found the number) and the issue seemst o have been the Li-Ion batterin in the phone. It required a shipping label with a hazmat rider. I’ll drop it off next time I’m in town.

the drive to SFE

It was almost 3 hours at my pokey rate of speed. The wind was gentler than forecast and also provided a quartering tailwind.

I hit the PF for a shower, trawled the often-excellent manager’s discounts at Smiths, then found a side road to hide out for the night. One of the deals at Smiths was a bag of distressed pears (8, maybe?) for $0.99. I cut them up and baked them with cinnamon, sugar, a bit of lime juice and butter. 2hrs on high, ~240Wh.

The next morning I picked up a few things at Wally World then headed out to BLM land. There’s a large dog park (a few acres) so Muffin got to run around and socialize.

the plan

This is the spot where BLM and USFS abut. I will bounce back and forth in 14d increments as long as the temps allow. My van tags are coming in by General Delivery to the main USPO in town so I might be going in 1x/week until that arrives. And take a shower and D/L at PF. And let the dogbeest play at the dogpark. It will be more driving than I’m used to but no big whoop.