relo logistics: timing, wind, and ABQ vs SFE


My last package is coming in on the 25th. If it comes in early I can catch southerly tailwinds that will push me north. If it comes in late winds will be turning westererly at 25mph. That’d be unpleasant to drive in. The next break from strong westerlies happens on the 29th.

So I’ll either be leaving Capitan on the 25th or 29th.

Update: now amazon says the 26th, so I’ll be leaving on the 29th.

next stop

I was leaning toward Albuquerque but it looks like temps there are already in the 80s. So likely to Santa Fe unless the weather cooperates.

Update: I guess I just picked SFE since I just renewed my van registration and had it sent to the USPS General Delivery location there.