backchannel: 12v and solar on a power station with one charging input


[as seen on reddit]

I want to add a solar panel to charge my EcoFlow battery. However, I want to leave it connected to the car’s aux 12V so it’s always charging, either on solar or car. I don’t want to have to manually switch between the inputs all the time.

This one of those things that’s trivial with DIY (leave them both connected) but a PITA with a power station with only one charging input.

A double pole double throw relay (≤$15) might be the simplest way around the limitation. e.g. default to the solar side then switch to the aux 12v when that source activates.

I’ve only found one rather expensive controller from Renogy (DCC50S)

I don’t think that would work in this scenario anyhow. The charger would be looking for voltage on the input, and it would be a controller feeding a controller.


This is your weekly reminder to figure out what you need and read specs before buying stuff.