backchannel - fixating on LiFePO4

One of my goals on /r/vandwellers is to get people to stop special pleading about LiFePO4 in general and LiFePO4 direct charging in particular.

the vast remainder of the followers of this reddit should understand that we just can not expect a OEM alternator to comply with the ampere demands of a discharged LFP bank

… the ampere demands of ANY bank. A chassis-grounded AGM at 50% DoD will suck similar current to LFP of similar capacity.

All alternator charging requires thought. Not just with LFP. The special pleading about LFP borders, perhaps unintentionally, on FUD

if it is just hooked direct. Victron has an relatively inexpensive B2B charger that if sized to 1/2 the rating of the alternator will do wonders for the inexperienced

… ANY DC-DC sized to ≤50% of the rating, I’d say. If we’re talking about the utterly clueless 1/4 to 1/3 might be more appropriate.

and those, like me, with a forgetfulness that may leave the switch on when it should be off. :)

Are the owners of DC-DC more likely to remember to disable the charger when it should be off? How many understand how those DC-DC charging profiles work or how it affets the chemistry?