errands in Alamogordo

There is a concept in poker called “optimal play”. Since you can’t control the cards you get you have to manage your choices to get, on average, the best overall outcome.

  • I asked my mail forwarder to send my mail here to Alamogordo
  • I assumed that would take a few business days so I placed my Amazon order that had been waiting
  • so I could pick up both on one trip to town (along with PF shower, grocery run, etc)

Turns out my forwarder didn’t send the mail on time, Amazon didn’t ship everything when they said they did. Of course the delayed item is the one I really wanted.

So I’ll have to make at least one more trip to town.

On the upside, I was present when the local grocery store was marking down some meat. I got 1.5lb of bacon for $1.99. Woot!