foot drop

Ugh, new symptom, likely related to existing lumbar radiculopathy - “foot drop”.

I usually walk on dirt paths but walked in the shoulder of a road the other day. Why is my left foot slapping on the asphalt? Took a few more steps and realized the outside of that shin was numb/achey. Weird.

Stood still and lifted the front of my right foot with the heel on the ground; all systems go. Repeated on the left side and I can’t pick those toes up at all. Dangit.

There is some increased foot pain, which I’m used to. But the left foot cannot be precisely placed. I just found this out the hard way by falling 2x on a short walk. I was planning to walk doggo further but two hard falls in 5 minutes is all the fun I can stand.

I am 95% confident in my doctors’ DX that cervical and lumbar radiculopathy are causing my symptoms. But 100% of my symptoms (new, old, and those unexplained to nerve impingement) continue to be consistent with MS.

I have a video appt coming up for the 28th where my most recent xray and MRI will be interpreted. I’ll report back with all the news that’s fit to print.