experiment: Pilsbury Cheddar Garlic biscuit mix on pan and in dogbowl oven

Pilsbury Cheddar Garlic biscuit mix

I saw the Bisquick version being tested in a Counter Cooking video and decided to try it out.

I didn’t see it at Wally World so I got the Pilsbury version seen here. When I finally decided to try it the sun was down so the electric griddle was not an option. I decided to try it both on a pan and in the dogbowl oven.

on a pan

My flat naan pad is thin carbon steel, so I placed it on top of the flame tamer. I brought the pan to temp while mixing the dough. It asked for 0.5c of milk but I only carry evaporated:

1 pack (7oz) biscuit mix
60g evaporated milk
60g water

dough done inside

I oiled the hot pan lightly and plopped down 3 biscuits that represented 3/4 of the dough. The last one would go in the DBO. I rotated and flipped the patties while cooking, and pressed them flatter because I was worried about single-side heating. When they seemed done I took them off and placed on a cooling rack.

They were done all the way through and tasted like biscuits. Texture a bit dense because I pressed them; I might not press them next time since I will be flipping them anyhow.

A- taste, easy to cook.

in a dogbowl oven

I let the DBO preheat on the stove (w/tamer) and threw in the remaining dough on top of parchment paper.

I gave 12 minutes per instructions but it wasn’t done; my intital temp was too low due to my misreading of the thermometer. I cranked the flame a bit and let it go until I smelled the first whiff of almost-burned. Removed and placed on cooling rack. Seemed a little wetter than I wanted.

underside just starting to burn fine after cooling

The excess moisture was gone after rack cooling.

Solid A taste and texture, but much more of a PITA to cook in the DBO because

  1. it’s smaller, only one at at time
  2. can’t see what’s going on inside


I think I will do them in the pan where I can cook all 4 at once and see what’s going on. Without additional pressing.


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