2022 according to google / waypoint maintenance

2022 according to Google

2022 google maps locations

Yep, looks right

yearly waypoint maintenance

I collect waypoints if I think they will be useful later. I mark:

  • places to boondock
  • places to stealth park at night
  • places to stay during the day: parks, etc
  • places to source water (free or otherwise)

export from OSMAND

update individual .csv files

  1. enter lat/long
  2. add elevation if not present. I use this site to get elevation from lat/long. Comes from a Digital Elevation Mapset, I’d imagine. Accurate enough for my uses.
  3. decipher notes and normalize them. I often have to load the coordinates into Google Maps to remember the site.
  4. sort
  5. dedupe

A waypoint description that will need deciphering might look like:

35.2xxxx,-111.61xx 7k pit 1bT 2bV lo traffic

which means

  • the lat/long (truncated here to avoid exposing it on the web)
  • about 7,000ft elevation (actual 6,845ft)
  • existing fire pit
  • 1 bar T-Mobile
  • 2 bars Verizon
  • not much through traffic

generate normalized .gpx and .csv

This part’s easy once you’ve written the scripting. GPSbabel handles the slicing/dicing and conversion to .gpx

import back into Google Maps and OsmAnd

  1. delete existing waypoints
  2. upload new dataset

This allows me to see the waypoints in both pieces of software. Glad it’s done so I don’t have to do it again for another year!


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