boondocking logistics error, using excess solar power

boondocking logistics

I’m a little out of practice.

  • I knew I had 30days of water because I’d just refilled the tank
  • I knew I had sufficient propane because I’d just decanted into 1lb bottles
  • I suspected I had 30days of food because I can see the overflow outside my normal storage. I need to rotate some staple foods anyhow.

But I forgot I had no dog food in storage any more. Quite out of character (seriously) Muffin had found the backstock of kibble and had eaten much of it while I was at the VA for appointments. After a few days I figured it out and poured the tiny remainder into her main kibble storage.

Now, with ~8 days left in this outing, I realized I’ll be cutting it close on her kibble. My plan is to cut her normal kibble allotment with plain cooked white rice to see if we can make the full pull. I did some googling and it looks like rice is ok for this purpose. We’ll start with replacing 1/3rd of the kibble.

If this austerity doesn’t work I can either run to Las Cruces to reprovision, or just head back to ELP a day or two in advance of my planned return. I hope I make the full pull because it helps me save resources; too easy to spend money in town.

putting excess solar to use

The rice cooker just completed so I am heating sinkbath water in the teakettle on the little lab hotplate.

Forecast is partly cloudy but right now it’s not too bad, hence my opportunistic use of excess solar power. Cooking the rice took ~226Wh and heating the water will be ~145Wh based on previous measurements.


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