There is a geocaching term “CITO”, which means Cache In Trash Out. You  bring a bag with you and carry out trash you find while geocaching.   For a few years I’ve been doing something similar when walking.


Walk Around, Trash Out.  Not as catchy as the original but it will do for now.

[31bqekbclel-_ac_us218_]( started doing this when walking the greyhound, and later the dobie.  I don’t mind picking up trash (it’s rather satisfying to see a clean expanse of grass) but I am older and also have pain from a vertebral compression fracture from my army days.  So I don’t stoop anymore, I use a Nifty Nabber.

I think the whole thing is a muscle memory from both scouting and the military where one has to police one’s Area of Operation (AO).