breakfast at Gallegos

Made it el paso. The move into the van was easy; the move out of the house was tough.

Too little time, too much stuff. Rain came and hammered the last weekend, which delayed many of the craigslist buyers. This pushed my schedule back a day or two.

But the utilities were scheduled to be turned off on the 14th,

and they were. You know how you have to give them wide swaths of time to start your service? Well, they are up early in the AM and immediately process those shutoff requests. If you have never tried to clean out a house with no power or water, I do not encourage you to start now.

The van did great. I burned out a bulb last week and was going to change it on Tuesday the 14th, but the thrift pickup volunteer needed to move forward because his mother was being hospitalized. That kind of thing. So I changed it at a rest stop on the way.

And changed it again in a walmart parking lot because I didn’t get it aligned right.

It’s still not right. I am going to try some tips I read on the ‘net.

planet fitness

Made my first visit to PF today, to look around and also to take a shower. The place takes a beating on the net from muscleheads but I rather liked it.

The people there were trying to get into shape, not supplement-slamming Chads. I respect chunky folks working out – what did Kant say about the moral superiority of those who are tested vs those who are not?

The shower situation will be quite workable. This PF was busy but the showers were empty. I guess folks prefer to shower at home, because few bring towels or a change of clothes.

back to breakfast

This is a breakfast buffet with lots of interesting food, all tasty. The chicharrones were much spicier than i bargained for and had to get a side of water. The star of the show as far as I am concerned is menudo. In Dallas you could only get it on weekends for some reason. And here it is on a Friday morning…. I’m going to like it here. :-)