CRVL and fundraising posts

from a recent mod post:

Consider helping vandweller [redacted]* with her financial need for eye surgeries due to Graves Disease. Here are Bob's 2 latest videos about [redacted] for updates about her current living situation, as well as the link to her Go Fund Me Campaign.

Seems to me that the income from the Amazon links on CRVL could be set aside for “worthy cause” situations like this.   Why dun the poor when the founder is already making money from their posts and purchases?

Bob is making a comfortable income off YT (I have seen estimates of $70k/yr based on views) and seems to have abandoned the forum.  The timestamps on his profile suggest he hasn’t logged in since the forum was resurrected, and his last post was on 5/8.

*I redacted the name because the issue is general and not personal.  I don’t know the person referenced and make no judgements about worthiness.