overhead storage in PM

Note:  I originally tried to post this on CRVL, but the borked forum software has stopped parsing clickable thumbnails and displaying them.  So pasting the post here.

Been a while since my last update. Work has been weird, then I got Lyme disease a coupla weeks ago. Not as much fun as it sounds.

I took down the steel pieces I was going to use to hang overhead storage, rearranged them, and added in an extra mountpoint on each side. Bolted them back in.

This weekend I was determined to get some kind of storage installed. It needed to be easy (I have no carpentry skills), strong, and done with whatever scrap I have on hand. It is for light item storage: paper goods, socks/underwear/shirts, spices, etc. Anything heavy stays downstairs.

The bottom of the shelves are open slats, to save a bit of weight and also because I was running low on materials. I covered the bottom with some 1/8th in. xps sheet foam I had left over so stuff doesn’t fall through:

Getting dark so I stopped for the day.

Did a bit of arranging and added some bungies:

Passenger side (on the left in the pic) is 5.5’ long. Driver side is 6.5’. I stopped at the edge of the sleeping platform but the rails go to the back door so I can add more later if needed.

My original idea was to build a frame then front it with some urethane-covered luaun I have left over. But I left it open while I figure out what goes up there and it turns out I like the open look. Will leave it this way for now.

I have an unhealthy love for paracord, so I took down the bungies on the passenger side today and made a double row of para to hold stuff in:

Runs through eye hooks and tensioned with those little angled tensioner doodads on a long span.

And so to bed.